Eva Gállego, Primary and Pre-school English Coordinator and English teacher 

In October we received a group of twenty-four students from Denver who were hosted by our families. They took part in our Exchange programme with the International School of Denver. 

Their arrival at our school was really moving. Our students were looking forward to it so much that they were very nervious. When the American students arrived at school we were waiting for them with banners, there was a big applause and then hugs and kisses. 

The next days they enjoyed themselves very much while sightseeing in Valencia, having fun in Cullera, visiting La Albufera, etc. 

They were all very nice kids and soon they all became good friends. 

Here are some comments from our participants: 

My Denver student was called Vivian. She is 10 years old, she is tall, she has blonde hair, brown eyes and a funny character. She has a dog, she hasn’t got any sisters but she has a brother. We are close friends now and I enjoyed this experience very much.

Aitana Berbel (Primary,Year 5)

I hosted Samantha. I liked this experience and I would recommend it to other children because it was great fun.We went to a lot of places like Gulliver, the “Ninot Museum” and other things.

Laia Delgado (Primary,Year 5)

My name is Joan Amargós Monasterio and my American student was called Tayler. She is 10 years old like me. Her hair is blond. She likes sport. I think her favourite one is soccer. Having an American student at home is having a new experience for both of us, it is like having a brother. Also we got to know each other. I would recommend it to everyone. 

Joan Amargós (Primary,Year 5)

Sam’s visit was a very cool experience. With my family, we went to the Aitana Safari, we enjoyed ourselves a lot with different animals, we fed ostriches and giraffes, and we caught a big snake. My favorite place was Terra Mítica, a very good thematic park. We went on all rides and we didn’t have to queue because there were few people. The last weekend we went to Gulliver, with Sam’s classmate Matthias, his brother Tyson and my friends Edu and Miguel. My family and I really enjoyed this experience, especially because Sam and I liked the same things.

Marc Lazo (Primary,Year 5)

I’m Gesmil and I hosted an American student. Her name was Talia Stopper and she is very kind. She likes sports and her favourite ones are football and tennis. The experience was fantastic and I would recommend it to everyone.


Gesmil Tarazona (Primary,Year 5) 

 It was a good experience for all of them and now our students will have the opportunity to visit Denver. Have a nice trip!