Jennifer Dormer,International Departament


Yet again our International Departament has been busy organizing many different destinations for students both from GSE schools and external schools. This summer students from 6th of Primary up to 1st of Bachiller participated in trips to Ireland and other destinations around the world. In Ireland several of our teachers accompanied our groups where we enjoyed both residential and host family programs. 

In Ireland the courses were great fun, full of wonderful trips and fun interactive classes, where we made short films and participated in scavenger hunts, made lots of new friends, went on cultural trips and fun outdoor river adventures and did some sightseeing and shopping. 

For our older students 16+, we launched our work experience programs, while living with a host family. Our students gained lots of experience in the work place, giving them insight into what a real job consists of and the sacrifice and dedication required. Obviously, it wasn’t all work and no play, they also had opportunities to travel and enjoy the weekends and the evening just like the others. 

For our younger students who decided to stay nearer to home, our English camps included multi-adventure in Sta. Pola, Multisport in Benidorm and Freedom Station (leadership and mindfulness), also in Sta. Pola. These two-week international courses are ideal for our first-time students to break the ice and still be close to home. 

This academic year several of our students from 4th of ESO (Nacho, Juan, Miguel Angel) have travelled to Ireland to study their first term and live the true family/school experience. We even have 2 students (Julia and Amparo) from our school who will remain the duration of the school year there, to perfect their English and studies. A very positive experience I must say. Most of the parents have already been to visit and meet the host families in person. Well done to you all and what an amazing opportunity! 

This year we have initiated a new German exchange program for our students from 4the of ESO. In September we received a group of 11 students from Konigstein, Germany and our students will return to Konigstein in March. 

In October, a group of 24 students from 5th of primary on an exchange programme from ISDenver, USA, stayed with us for 2 weeks. They had a fantastic time at Julio Verne school and with our super host families, who made them feel at home and treated them so well. In March we hope to return to Denver and live this unique experience in the USA. 

We will also have students travelling to destinations such as USA, Canada, England, Germany, France, etc. where we collaborate with centres that have specialized courses for those who are looking for something different. 

Our academic school studies are a great success and next September many of our students will be studying abroad. 

They really are ready to fly!