Erika Schwartz, English Teacher / Foreign Language Department 

This year, we are pleased to present a dynamic and exciting educational methodology in 5th and 6th grade in Spanish and English: Debating.

Debating encourages students to commit to the other teammates, helps pupils to question things by putting themselves in the other’s shoes, providing different points of view and giving them a critical view of reality. Learning how to debate at these ages also gives them the possibility to develop important skills such as public speaking which will help them for their academic, personal and social development. Therefore, Julio Verne School wants to have a Debate League in 5th and 6th grade classes in Spanish and English.

We have been working for two months in teams of four people, each of them plays a different role in the debate: 

  • Speaker 1: is responsible for introducing the topic of the debate and its position (for or against). 

  • Speaker 2: is in charge of carrying out the argumental presentation, should explain the arguments that support his position in the debate, leaving his connection with the premise of the debate clear and reinforced. 

  • Speaker 3: is the person in charge of carrying out the refutation and will participate in the debate twice (rebuttal and counter-arguemnt). He must refer to the arguments presented by the opposing team and connect them with his team‘s plot line.

  • Speaker 4:  is the speech of the person in charge of the conclusion. It must have a captivating start. He must start in an original way and connect with the public. In his conclusion, he should include a summary of his arguments and the arguments of the opposing team.

Likewise, once the dynamics of the debate was made by the whole class several times, our first SPANISH and ENGLISH PRIMARY DEBATE LEAGUE formed by 8 students and two substitutes were chosen. 

These students have committed themselves with great responsibility and dedication. They would meet every midday to research and carry out with the debate organisation on a Christmas topic: ‘Waste generation must be limited to 3 kg per family during Christmas time’.  

Our first Spanish and English Primary Debate League faced several schools on December 13th at ESIC headquarters, a university that organizes the debate contest in collaboration with Activa-t association. We are extremely proud of both leagues because they had excellent results. Also, our English Debate League was second and third position, they performed great!


Julio Verne School congratulates our Spanish and English Primary Debate League for its interest, dedication and preparation.


They surely enjoyed this great and enriching experience. CONGRATULATIONS!