MIE Expert


Toni Zarzoso, Responsable TIC 

There is a fantastic opportunity to be a teacher in the 21st century. Preparing the kids for the future is a challenge because although we recognise the importance of traditional knowledge and discipline, we also know that´s not enough. We need to develop 21st-century skills, being adaptable, resilient and able to learn because we know we must keep the learning up to date with the changes in our society. 

The Microsoft Educator Community provides several exclusive programs created to recognise global educators who are using technology. MEC provides on-demand, free training courses that let teachers earn professional development credit on their own time. Sessions focus on integrating technology into their teaching and how to use Office 365 tools.

Between these programs are Microsoft Innovative Educator, Microsoft Innovative Expert, Microsoft Innovative Trainer, Skype Master Teacher and MIE FELLOW. 

In other words, you start by learning the basics. Then, by practising, you get to know so well the tools that you can invent new ways of applying them in the class. You may even suggest different improvements 51ctly to the company, based on your experiences in the class with the children. The master of everything comes when you can teach others and guide them on the path to get to the same point as you or even better. 

The Skype Master Teacher, as the name says, recognises educators who use Skype in the classroom actively and lead innovation in education with Skype. This program celebrates global education through sharing culture and leaning empathy and makes learning relevant to their life experiences. 


Along with all these programs, there are life events organised by Microsoft in every country. They give the opportunity and space to their MIE teachers to meet each other.  

The outcomes of these meetings are sharing their thoughts on the effective use of technology in education, learn new things or just see them from a new perspective.  

In Spain, this reunion takes place every year in Madrid at the company headquarters and at SIMO EDUCATION, the most significant fair related to the teaching community. It has an environment strongly influenced by innovation and where technological tools and the best experiences in teaching are shared by teachers, centre directors and executive teams and ICT coordinators. 

When you are part of a global community of educators with easy access to free online training, events, and collaboration with teachers around the world, amazing things can happen.